Preliminary Services

These services include site analysis, pre-design and preliminary site plan layout for use in land negotiations and acquisition, civil engineering, traffic studies, geo-technical investigations and environmental surveys.


Site Planning

Our site planning services begin with a thorough analysis of site constraints and consideration of available data.  This includes the lay of the land, easements, survey, environmental and geotechnical information.  We will work closely with the civil engineer and governmental authorities having jurisdiction to ensure that the site plan conforms to all local, state and federal requirements.



Where zoning or re-zoning is necessary, Genesis Design Group, Inc. can provide due diligence services including coordination with attorneys, traffic engineers, expert witnesses and pre-development consultants.  Our services include presentation materials and renderings, as well as necessary supplemental support in working with neighborhood groups.


Schematic Design

This phase consists of schematic architectural design and documentation based upon the preliminary site plan and typically includes the following:

· Site and area analysis to determine design parameters.

· Preliminary design of buildings based on tenant criteria, site conditions and construction  budgets.

· Design sketches, plans, elevations and sections as necessary to convey the intent and character of the design.

· Selection of materials and colors for the building with colored elevations.

· Coordination with local planning, building code and zoning requirements.

· Coordination with the civil engineer, landscape architect and other consultants.

· Presentations for review and approval of conceptual design.

· Preliminary Opinions of Cost to determine if the design meets budget constraints.


Design Development

This phase will be based on the final site plan and approved schematic design package.  The design development documents will include identification of structural, mechanical and electrical systems for preliminary pricing purposes.  This phase includes the following:

· Plans, elevations, sections and other drawings as necessary to illustrate the final design of the buildings.

· Material and color selections for exterior finishes.

· Presentations for review and approval of final design.

· Meetings and coordination with the Owner and all consultants on the projects.

· Revised opinion of cost to determine if the design is continuing to meet budget constraints.



Construction Documents

This phase will be based on the final site plan and approved Design Development documents.  During this phase, the design will be developed to incorporate the most current construction techniques widely used in the industry to ensure a sound, cost effective building project.  This phase will include the following:

· Coordination with building departments and other governmental agencies having jurisdiction for code compliance.

· Coordination with the Owner and all consultants on the project.

· Working drawings and specifications for architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical work for the project.


Construction Contract Administration

This phase will consist of construction coordination and general in-house administration of the project while it is under construction.  The project manager involved in earlier phases of the project remains involved in the construction contract administration phase to ensure continuity of his role.  This phase typically includes the following:

· Coordination of the project with the General Contractor.

· Review and approval of Change Orders.

· Additional supplementary or clarification drawings as necessary to depict the design to the General Contractor.

· In-house review and approval of shop drawings and product submittals.

· Project status meeting with the Owner.

· Site visitation at intervals appropriate to ensure the work in being done in accordance with the Contract Documents.

· Review and approval of general contractor's pay applications.

The basic services described above will generally satisfy the majority of the project's needs.  Beyond these services, we strive for the highest quality possible and ultimately search for the best design per dollar per square foot that your budget can afford.  We will finalize our scope of services to fit your project and budget prior to entering into an agreement with you.


Additional Services

Additional services are not included in basic services and are services that we can provide or arrange for as the project progresses.  We will confirm any request from you for additional services in writing identifying any additional fees prior to commencing with this work

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